Male Hair Loss: Causes and Prevention

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 19th, 2014
Male hair loss causes and prevention

What causes male hair loss? Most men think it’s a natural part of aging so they either ignore it, try to hide it (think Donald Trump’s comb-over) or lean in to it by completely shaving their head. For male hair loss, prevention is key. We outline the causes of male hair loss and how to prevent [...]

Viviscal Event: Real Hair Loss Stories, Real Hair Loss Experts

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 16th, 2014
Real hair loss stories at Voice of the Solution media event

Today in New York, media pros and editors gathered to meet real Viviscal users and hear real hair loss stories from Viviscal’s Voice of the Solution campaign. At the Loews Regency Hotel, the editors got to meet two of our Voice of the Solution ladies, Dale and Kelly, who have been taking Viviscal Extra Strength for the past 5 months [...]

Recipe for Healthy Hair Growth from Nutritionist Joy Bauer

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 15th, 2014
Healthy hair growth recipe from nutritionist Joy Bauer

Need a quick, easy and healthy recipe to boost healthy hair growth? Try this Red Pepper, Chard and Feta Frittata from nutritionist and health expert Joy Bauer. Eggs are rich in biotin, a B vitamin that’s essential for healthy hair growth and scalp health. Because biotin is found in egg yolk, I recommend mixing whole [...]