How to Grow Back Lost Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 25th, 2016
How to regrow lost hair

It’s common to become worried once you start to see a few more hairs than normal in your brush. Often, this starts with a lot of “why me’s” and “my life is ruined.” The good news is that you may be able to regrow your hair, depending on what’s causing the hair loss.

Hair How-to: On-Trend Hair Accessory with Chic Up-do

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 23rd, 2016
hair how-to accessory up-do hairstyle by Neil Moodie

Nothing adds glittery elegance to an up-do like the perfect hair accessory. Follow this step-by-step how-to as Viviscal ambassador and session stylist Neil Moodie demonstrates how to create the perfect up-do with your favorite hair accessory. Throughout August, we’ve shared four of Neil Moodie’s top hair looks, showing you how to achieve these on-trend styles quickly and easily. This on-trend up-do with a hair […]

Birth Control and Hair Growth – the Truth

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 18th, 2016
Can birth control pills cause hair loss?

Most women have heard or seen their friends experience some shedding post-pregnancy. We attribute this to the hormonal changes the body goes through, and it’s completely normal. But for people without children who can’t seem to figure out why all of the sudden they are losing their hair, the answer might be their birth control […]

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