Best Eyebrow Growth Treatments

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 22nd, 2016
Best Eyebrow Growth Treatments

Perfect eyebrows are incredibly hard to achieve. Some people naturally have thin eyebrow hair. And some may have started to see their eyebrows thin due to aging or even imbalanced hormones. Others have too much eyebrow hair and must constantly maintain their brows.

In search of ways to grow eyebrows, you’ll come across a lot of stories and home remedies from people who claim to have finally found the answer to thicker eyebrows. There are certainly a lot of great tips out there about how to grow your eyebrows, but there are a lot of myths too.

Does Plucking or Waxing Your Eyebrows Help Them Grow?

One of the most common myths surrounding eyebrow growth is that your method of maintaining your eyebrows, whether it’s tweezing, waxing or threading, has an impact on how well your eyebrows grow. The truth is that all of these methods do the the same thing: they remove hair follicles from the root. The method you choose does not make a difference in the eyebrow hair growth speed.

On average, it takes eyebrow hair about a month to reach the surface of your skin, regardless of how the hair is removed. Go with whatever method you prefer and take comfort in knowing that it won’t slow down or speed up your eyebrow growth.

Best Products for Growing Eyebrows

How you groom your eyebrows may not help them grow faster. But there are products that can speed up eyebrow growth. One of the most popular products is castor oil for eyebrow growth.

Castor oil is an essential oil with high fatty acid content that helps stimulate hair growth. More than other oils, castor oil can penetrate your hair follicles to help encourage growth. It’s a natural solution, and is relatively cheap online.

After washing your face, take a cotton swab or eyeliner brush and dip it into the castor oil. Apply it directly to your eyebrows, and leave it on overnight. Wash it off in the morning and repeat a few times a week. You should see results within five or six weeks.

Home remedies for eyebrow growth usually involve castor oil or other types of essential oils, but you’re best just sticking with castor oil. It’s widely used, and there are even a few Hollywood celebrities who swear by it.

Also, remember that your eyebrow hair works the same way as the hair on your head. If your diet is not providing all the nutrients that your follicles need to grow, such as iron, biotin, and vitamin E, you’re not going to see the results you want. We recommend taking all the guesswork out of your vitamin intake and get a daily hair growth vitamin that you can easily add to your morning routine.

Bonus Tips for Amazing Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are growing but there are still some thin spots, use a tinted gel, pen, or a pomade to fill them in. Making your eyebrow bolder will help disguise stray hairs as well.

Also, remember to use good lighting whenever you’re grooming your eyebrows. Don’t even think about trying to take care of them in the car or when you’re in a hurry. That’s just a recipe for disaster. Also, think about trying an eyebrow growth serum. It coats your hairs so that they look thicker and fuller, instantly plumping hairs through the whole day. Good luck!