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Autumn Hair Loss

by Viviscal Hair Expert on October 20th, 2016
Seasonal autumn hair loss for women

Summer hair is amazing. That’s the time when our hair seems to be the thickest, shiniest, and most full of life. But when you start to see hair shedding in the fall, you may wonder if you should be worried about a serious problem. Seasonal hair loss is something that almost all women go through, […]

Hormones and Hair Loss in Women

by Viviscal Hair Expert on October 12th, 2016
Women hair loss due to hormonal imbalance

Whether it’s due to post-pregnancy, menopause or other causes, an imbalance of hormones, especially estrogen, can cause hair loss in women. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is important to examine your hormone levels and what may be causing a hormonal imbalance.

How to Grow Your Hair Super-Fast (After-Summer Tips)

by Viviscal Hair Expert on October 6th, 2016
Combating Women Hair Loss in Autumn

After spending all summer making sure that your hair is as healthy and shiny as possible, you now need to make sure that your hair is ready for fall and winter. If you want to know how to make your hair grow super-fast, it’s important to first understand the thoughts behind autumn hair care. You […]