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Q&A: Help! Why Is My Hair Falling out in Clumps?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on June 8th, 2017
Hair is falling out in clumps

Regardless of age, every woman loses hair. In fact, everyone not only loses hair but loses it all the time—the average person will lose anywhere from 50 to over 100 hairs daily. While everyday hair loss is a phenomenon shared by all, some struggle with more severe or apparent hair loss.

Hair Thickening Treatments for Stronger and Healthier Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 4th, 2017
Stronger hair with best hair thickening treatments

It’s almost summer, and you need your hair looking good. With so many hair thickening treatments out there claiming that they do it all, it can be frustrating figuring out which one works for you.

Summer Survival Guide: 3 Tips to Stop Hair Breakage

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 2nd, 2017

With summer fast approaching, hair risks lots of damage from sun, salt and chlorine. Stop the hair-damage downward spiral with these three tips to prevent hair breakage this summer. (Adapted from an article that was originally published on Into the Gloss.)