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Does Biotin Help Hair Growth – The Only Answer You Need

by Viviscal Hair Expert on June 21st, 2017
Myths and truths - does biotin help hair growth?

Biotin for hair growth is a key nutrient in hair growth supplements on the market. Did you recently take the plunge and are now regretting your pixie cut or other extreme chop? Here, we break down everything you need to know about biotin hair growth results.

Does Conditioner Make Hair Grow Faster: Myth or Truth

by Viviscal Hair Expert on June 15th, 2017
Gentle conditioner for healthy hair growth

We’re always looking for new ways to make our hair grow faster, especially as summer quickly approaches. Now’s the time when many of us are turning up our diets, and maybe even adding a hair growth vitamin to our routine.

Essential Omega 3 for Hair Growth

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 25th, 2017
Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

When it comes to fat, here is one kind you can never get enough of: omega 3 fatty acids. Found in nuts, seeds and fish, omega 3 has many health benefits, not least of which is the power to transform your hair. Here’s what you need to know about omega 3 for hair growth and […]