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Hair Loss & Calcium Deficiency: 5 Facts Nobody Told You

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 13th, 2017
Calcium and Healthy Hair Growth

Hair growth nutrients are super-important. But there’s one that doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the others: calcium. Hair loss due to calcium deficiency is more common that you might think. Poor nutrition and absorption of key nutrients, especially calcium, can alter the delicate balance in your body and wreak havoc in your […]

The Most Effective Ways to Overcome Copper and Hair Loss Problems

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 6th, 2017
Excess copper levels and hair loss treatments

A penny for your thoughts about hair loss? Not so fast! A copper imbalance could be making your hair look lackluster and dull, and it can contribute to hair loss. Copper is necessary for your body when in healthy doses, but can easily wreak havoc on your system and cause hair loss if you have […]

Does Salt Cause Hair Loss?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on June 29th, 2017
Salty foods and effects on hair growth

Potato chips, French fries… even movie popcorn. We love our salty foods. In fact, most people eat about 33% more sodium than the recommended amount.  We know these salty snacks aren’t good for our waistline, but could they also be contributing to hair loss?