How to Choose Hair Volumizer for Thicker Looking hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on March 18th, 2016
How to choose a hair volumizing powder

Giving your hair a natural-looking lift can be challenge for those of us lacking the luscious bouncing locks of our favorite shampoo celebrities. The truth is that we all have different hair types, and many people find themselves wishing that their hair type had a little more volume.

There is an increasingly diverse selection of products available online that promise a little extra lift. To choose a hair volumizer that suits your hair type and color can be confusing. However, fear not, as we have put together this neat little guide on how to choose hair powder for thin hair.

Power in the powder, or fabulous fibers?

Hands down, the quickest and most effective way to give visible volume to your hair is to use hair filler fibers. This is a purely aesthetic solution, and will instantly give the appearance of thicker hair, without having to wait for products that affect your natural hair growth cycle.

You can choose to use filler fibers or there are some less effective powder options available. While both options can be matched to your natural hair color, many powders are not weather-proof and could run or stain when wet.

Viviscal volumizing fibers are electrostatically charged microfibers, which are physically attracted to your existing hair. This helps them adhere without the need for any slimy adhesive, and they can be effortlessly washed out with a gentle shampoo.

Thanks to this nifty technology, hair filler fibers are incredibly easy to apply, and keep mess to a minimum. After application, you will see an instant boost in volume, without weighing down naturally fine hair.

You can choose a shade of hair volumizer that is close to your natural shade. There is no need to make a carbon copy, as our hair color usually has a few natural discrepancies, so pick the fibers that are closest for you.

Densifying Elixir, Shampoo & Conditioners

In order to help provide the best environment for thicker hair growth, you can try the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying range with Elixir, Shampoo and Conditioner. These specialist cleansing products have been engineered to gently wash the hair and scalp, helping to free hair follicles from excess grease and dirt, making it look thicker. All of the densifying range are effective yet lightweight, because thick, heavy shampoos can leave thin hair looking washed out and even greasy.

Choosing the right hair filler fibers, together with specialist hair wash products for volumizing lift, and ensuring you get all the daily vitamins and minerals you need (see Viviscal Extra Strength), can help you promote the appearance of thicker looking hair today.