Female Hair Loss: What’s Normal & What’s Not?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 9th, 2016
female hair loss

The lifestyle blog She Knows sets out to answer the question that most women will face at some point in their lives: “Am I actually losing my hair or am I just paranoid?”

In our quest to stop, or at least slow, the aging process, we spend lots of time, money and worries on finding the ultimate anti-aging skin care, make-up, wardrobe and fitness regimen. One of the most common and most visible signs of our aging is graying or thinning hair. More and more, we’re accepting that hair loss is a big part of our aging, often caused by menopause, or even earlier in life, by post-pregnancy hormones, poor diet or stress.

That’s why the She Knows blog interviewed Dr. Ava Shamban, a Beverly Hills dermatologist and author of the book Heal Your Skin, to answer all our scariest hair loss questions and put our minds at ease. Dr. Shamban reassures us that losing 100-120 hairs per day – in your hands, hairbrush or the shower drain – is normal. But if you do face female hair loss, you are not alone. Dr. Shamban says that about 75% of women will face hair loss at some point in their lives, and it can affect women of all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens.

When asked if she has any tips to help us keep our hair, Dr. Shamban says that she recommends Biotin or a clinically proven hair growth supplement formulated for women. She says:

A well-balanced diet with carbohydrates, protein and fat will promote healthy skin, hair and nails. For hair loss, Biotin …can be helpful, or Viviscal is a supplement which helps promote hair growth.

Read more of Dr. Shamban’s Q&A on everything you want to know about female hair loss, from how to test for excessive hair loss, to how and why aging causes thinning hair.