How to Stop Hair from Shedding So Much – 3 Quick and Easy Ways

by Viviscal Hair Expert on October 22nd, 2015
Easy ways to stop hair shedding

Understanding how to stop hair from shedding can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our bodies are complex entities, which function only through the synergy of interdependent processes. However, despite this complexity, there are some universal truths that can help stop hair from shedding. So if you are asking “how can I […]

Is Vitamin E Good for Hair?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on October 14th, 2015
Vitamin E for hair

Vitamin E is found in a variety of leafy green vegetables, almonds and various oils. Although most well known for its potential benefits in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, it has a variety of other applications. Various scientific studies claim that vitamin E is good for hair, reporting a myriad of benefits. These range from […]

3 Tips (You Cannot Miss) for How to Strengthen Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on October 7th, 2015
Super Tips to strengthen hair

To understand how to strengthen hair from root to tip, it is important to learn a little about why excessive breakage and weakened hair occurs in the first place. What is hair breakage from weakness? The magic of healthy hair growth begins in the skin, which is covered in tiny tubular structures called follicles. When […]