Hair Myth Busted: Does Conditioner Make Your Hair Fall Out

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 14th, 2015
Does conditioner cause hair loss

Does conditioner make your hair fall out? When we shampoo and condition our hair, it seems we lose clumps of it in our drain and in our hands. But do conditioners cause hair to fall out or is this hair fall a normal amount of daily hair loss? The Facts: Does Conditioner Make Your Hair […]

How Long Should You Leave Conditioner In?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 13th, 2015
How long to leave conditoner in

How long should you leave conditioner in your hair? The shower rains down with a jet of warm water, gently rinsing the grime and grease of the city out of your beloved locks. You shampoo, massaging your scalp and then rinsing clean. Everything’s going well. Time to add the all-important conditioner. You apply and then […]

Meet the Experts: Dermatologist Janet Allenby, M.D.

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 10th, 2015
meet the experts - Dr. Janet Allenby

Dr. Janet Allenby is one of the leading cosmetic dermatologists in South Florida. With 20 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology, she has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of South Florida’s pre-eminent aesthetic dermatologists specializing in state-of-the-art solutions for skincare and hair growth. Meet the Experts: Janet Allenby, M.D. Dr. Allenby‘s work enhances her patients’ natural appearance […]