Top 4 Natural Ingredients in your Hair Product

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 29th, 2015
Natural Ingredients in Hair Products

The vast majority of articles that assess the best natural ingredients for hair focus on shampoo. As a hair expert, I feel that we need to steer the focus away from topical treatments, and examine the broader spectrum of important nutrients, vitamins and chemical compounds used in hair care products. These ingredients range from those […]

7 Side Effects of Hair Transplants

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 24th, 2015
Do you know all about the side effects of hair trans[plants

Do Hair Transplants Really Work? Hair transplants may not work as well as those late-night infomercials tell us. When answering the question, is hair transplant worth it, ask the best hair transplant surgeon you can find the 3 questions below. If he or she cannot answer them or show you successful before-and-after photos of men and/or women years […]

Facing up to Anxiety and Hair Loss – 5 Easy Steps to Help You

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 21st, 2015
How to overcome anxiety and help hair loss

Stress is one of the most prevalent issues of 21st century daily life. Modern medicine continues to uncover new links between stress and various physical and psychological conditions. The health of your hair is no exception, and experts often highlight the relationship between anxiety and hair loss.