Pro Tips to Choose a Good Shampoo for Volume

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 12th, 2016
Hair Volume Shampoo Tips

Choosing a good shampoo for thin hair really isn’t rocket science. Companies shroud their bottles with mysterious claims and exotic ingredients, but the reality is that there are few products on the market that truly deserve the moniker of a specialist volumizing shampoo to thicken fine hair.

Show Some TLC: Why Gentle Shampoo is Good for Thin Hair

If you like to wash your hair regularly, it is important to choose a cleansing shampoo for thin hair that’s easy on the hair and scalp. Many people with thin hair want that volumizing lift, but feel like most shampoos are overbearingly thick and creamy. This can leave your hair feeling a little flat after washing.

A lightweight styling shampoo for thinning hair, such as Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, gives lift and volume to thin hair without the heavy consistency. The whole Gorgeous Growth Densifying range (plus Densifying Conditioner & Densifying Elixir) contains the right volumizing agents to thicken fine hair, as well as a host of other nutrients to help nourish your hair and scalp from the outside.

Which Shampoo Ingredients Give Volume and Boost to Thin Hair?

Most shampoos contain a combination of water, fatty alcohol, fragrance and a source of oil for lubrication. However, although these ingredients may appear to be the same on the surface, not all are created equal.

Many cheaper cosmetics use mineral oil, which is an artificially synthesized hydrocarbon. It is essentially an oil derived from petroleum, as a by-product of the distillation process. While most mineral oils won’t do you harm, poorly refined ones can carry toxic, or even carcinogenic, impurities.

Although mineral oil is a cheap source of slip for many shampoos, we recommend a product containing a blend of natural oils that help to nourish the scalp. Natural oils are free from toxic impurities, and help to create a healthy environment for voluminous hair growth.

Another great ingredient is the unique complex Ana:Tel™, which promotes healthier looking hair. In the Gorgeous Growth Densifying range, this ingredient is blended with biotin, keratin and zinc, to make your hair look thicker and healthier.

Healthy Inside and Out

While choosing the right shampoo to give lift and volume to thin hair is important, we shouldn’t forget the role of nutrition in healthy hair growth. Thin hair can be a direct cause of poor nutritional practice, when your body is lacking the key vitamins and nutrients it needs to fuel the hair growth cycle effectively.

To supercharge your hair follicles with the power to grow thicker and healthier hair, you can supplement your diet with Viviscal Extra Strength. This is an effortless way to ensure that you supply your body with a blend of vitamins that has been tailored to promote hair growth. Paired with a great thickening shampoo, if you stick to the regimen, you will be amazed at the results.