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4 Surprising Drugstore Staples You Need Now, According to Vogue

by Viviscal Hair Expert on January 10th, 2017

New year, new beauty haul. This time of year, awards show red carpets and enthusiastic beauty bloggers have us inspired to buy up the latest and greatest products from beauty retailers. But before you shell out for the latest miracle moisturizer or makeup trend, try a trip to your local drugstore instead. NYC-based plastic surgeon […]

10 Good Things That Will Happen If You Let Your Hair Go Gray

by Viviscal Hair Expert on December 27th, 2016

Whether you’ve just spotted your first gray hairs, or you’ve been coloring your gray for years and want to let your hair color go au naturel, there are certain things that you can expect to happen when you have gray hair. Get the ultimate list of the top 10 tools, treatments or products you need to go gray gracefully […]

I Have Thinning Hair – What Can I Do?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on November 23rd, 2016

Did you know that 40% of women will have some hair loss by age 40. But it doesn’t have to be scary. See why thinning hair happens and a few very simple steps you can take now. Breathe… (Based on an article by Emily Arata, originally on www.elitedaily.com) We’ve all been there. You wash your hair, especially […]