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The 10 Best Drugstore Hair-Thickening Products

published at Oct 23, 2014
Thanks to a slew of new science, these volume boosters have major new benefits. ... More

Viviscal For Men Stops Hair Loss

published at Oct 23, 2014
Male-pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men. Viviscal Man hair growth vitamins for men reduce hair shedding, nourish hair follicles and effectively treat hair loss.... More

Mickey Williams’ beauty tips for all mothers on looking and feeling better

published at Oct 23, 2014
Don't miss to watch the video with Mickey Williams' best tips for all mothers on looking and feeling better.... More

3 Things That Might Be Making Gwyneth Paltrow's Hair So Shiny All of a Sudden

published at Oct 23, 2014
Gwyneth's hair looking quite shiny, but why?... More

Healthy Hair with Viviscal, Dr. Steve Dayan & Dr. Joy Bauer

published at Oct 23, 2014
Last week, we had the opportunity to partner with Viviscal, the amazing hair vitamin to learn firsthand how the right nutrients can lead to healthy hair growth. The info session featured vignettes from Steve Dayan, a plastic surgeon, Joy Bauer , a nutritionist, along with my favorite part of the session. ... More
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