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Viviscal Man Reviews

Get the facts on Viviscal Man hair growth supplements with the Viviscal customer reviews and ratings below. Read what real customers like you are saying about Viviscal Man hair growth supplements.

Clint - Viviscal Man User

Viviscal Man User

“I feel that my hair is thickening after approximately 70 pills taken so far. I am about 1 month and 1 week into using Viviscal, taking a pill once in the morning and once before going to bed.”

Steven - Viviscal Man User

Viviscal Man User

“I've been taking it for about three months now, and I'm seeing results. My hair is still thin on top, but it's starting to fill out more. I will continue with viviscal indefinitely, unless I get a hair transplant all together.”

Monty - Viviscal Man User

Viviscal Man User

“I have been in the Professional Hair Care business for over 17 years and I have been using Viviscal for more than 18 months. I believe Viviscal has helped to slow down my hair loss, but has done nothing to incurage hair growth.”