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The Best Hair Growth Serum

Choosing the best hair growth serum for thicker and fuller hair can take your volumizing regimen to the next level. Don’t be misled by the miracle hair regrowth serums on the market. The reality is that hair serum treatment will not make you regrow hair in new places, but an effective hair loss serum or thickening elixir can certainly improve the health of your scalp and provide an excellent environment to promote existing growth.

Hair Growth Serum

The best hair serums or hair care elixirs help you to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Look out for products that contain menthol, as this helps the scalp feel reinvigorated, and makes massaging in the serum wonderfully refreshing.

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By thoroughly massaging the hair elixir or serum into your scalp, you will invigorate your skin, and hair follicles. An invigorated scalp benefits from improved circulation to blood vessels, and these vessels carry all of the essential nutrients needed to fuel the hair growth cycle, helping to keep follicles working efficiently. When your scalp has poor circulation, hair follicles can become unhealthy, and this may lead to thin, brittle or lackluster hair.

We advise you to ensure that your hair serum or elixir is completely free from drugs and derived almost entirely from natural ingredients. That way you can ensure that you are steering clear of unnatural carcinogens or toxins, like those that can be found in products containing poorly refined mineral oil. Naturally derived complexes such as Ana:Tel™ are a good sign, as it shows that the company has invested in developing a unique natural alternative to more readily available synthetics.

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Finally, a great hair growth serum is more than just a naturally derived massage lotion, which works for both women and men. It is a lightweight topical treatment that improves the appearance of thin or limp hair, by making it look more voluminous and luscious. Together with a comprehensive hair care regimen of dietary supplements, specialist shampoo and conditioner, a hair serum or elixir can help you to revitalize your locks with enviable thickness and bounce.

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