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Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

Itchy, dry scalp is a problem for millions of women and men. Not only is dry, itchy, flaky scalp uncomfortable and embarrassing, but a clean and nourished scalp is the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. So take steps to maintain a healthy, conditioned scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

Causes of itchy dry scalp and dandruff

Dandruff and dry scalp can be caused by ongoing skin problems,such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. These may require a dermatologist consultation and medicated shampoos or topical treatments.

However, even if your dandruff is not due to these conditions, dry itchy scalp can be worsened by more common situations. For instance, everyday stress can impact dry scalp, and some experts suggest a poor diet could worsen dandruff too. Dry hair in winter weather outside, combined with overheated dry air inside, makes dry scalp even itchier and flakier. Although you should not wash your hair too often, be sure to shampoo often enough to clear flakes and sebum (oils) from the scalp. Plus, adding a scalp massage while you shampoo also improves circulation, creating a healthier feeling scalp. A clean and conditioned scalp will be less flaky and will create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

At-home treatments for dry hair and scalp

A clean, invigorated scalp is not only less prone to dryness and flakes, but it is also the ideal environment for growing healthier hair. Massage a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner into the scalp and hair to help nourish dry scalp and hair, and to help invigorate the scalp.

Another tip for a healthy scalp is to use a Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir made with clinically tested ingredients from natural sources such as pea sprouts and grape seeds. Look for a hair elixir that also has menthol to invigorate the scalp. As an added bonus, find a hair elixir with creatine to improve the volume and smoothness of hair. Your scalp will not only feel great, but your hair will look fuller and thicker too.

Itchy, Sensitive Scalp and Hair Loss

Natural remedies for itchy scalp

Itchy, sensitive scalp can be accompanied by hair loss. Applying harsh, topical hair loss treatments to a sensitive scalp can cause itching and burning. A soothed, conditioned and healthy-feeling scalp is the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

Itchy scalp can be caused by seborrheic dermatitis, or even parasites or fungal infections. If you suspect your itchy scalp is due to any of these conditions, consult a dermatologist. However, a more common cause of itchy, sensitive scalp is dandruff, which affects an estimated 50% of women and men from adolescence to age 50. A dry, itchy scalp due to dandruff can have an impact on healthy hair growth or even lead to hair loss because healthy hair needs a nourished, healthy scalp environment to thrive.

For itchy scalp with thinning hair, try a hair serum for women that maintains a healthy scalp and helps promote fuller and thicker looking hair. Choose a hair thickening serum with ingredients from natural sources, menthol to invigorate the scalp, and creatine to give hair more volume and smoothness. Use a hair serum along with hair loss treatments, such as hair growth supplements, as well as a gentle, nourishing shampoo. Use a combination of hair growth and hair care products to promote thicker looking hair, nourish thinning hair from within, and soothe an itchy, sensitive scalp.

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