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Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

Hair concealer fibers are one of the quickest and easiest hair products to disguise thinning hair. Choose a natural-looking hair building fiber that covers thinning hair and perfectly matches your natural hair color.

Hair Building Fibers for Natural Hair Coverage

Microscopic, easy-to-use hair fibers are a natural solution for men and women suffering from hair loss. This instant hair builder for thinning hair taps on in seconds and adds natural hair coverage.

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How Do Hair Building Fibers Work

Hair building fibers, or hair filler fibers, change the texture of existing hair to cover thinning hair spots. Hair filler fibers are microscopic and electrostatically charged, tapping onto the scalp and clinging to individual hair strands to build thickness. The charged fibers stay in place all day but easily wash out with shampoo. For extra hold, apply fibers and spray lightly with hairspray to set them in place.

If you are looking for how to conceal thinning hair with hair fibers, know that this is a simple, easy solution for instant volume and hair thickness. Hair building fibers conceal balding and thinning hair, improve the appearance of thinning hair, and create fuller, thicker-looking hair in seconds.

Hair filler fibers are especially good for women or men looking for hair loss treatments for delicate scalp and thinning hair. Unlike a harsh chemical or drug, like minoxidil, pure organic keratin proteins in hair building fibers cling to individual hairs and sit lightly on the scalp. So the fibers are not absorbed into the skin like topical drugs and they easily wash out at the end of the day with gentle shampoo.

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