10 Volumizing Hair Tips on How to Add Volume Today

close up image of hair roller being applied

Do the summer heat and humidity make your thin hair limp and flat? Try these 10 expert tips on how to add volume to thin hair.

10 Secrets for How to Add Volume to Thin Hair

1. Choose a round natural-bristle brush
The natural bristles are gentle on thin hair and will help Add Volume — a must in the search for how to volumize thin hair.

2. Try hot rollers
Velvet-covered hot rollers add bounce and volume to hair. Avoid Velcro rollers, which can tear and damage hair making hair look thinner.

3. Use a diffuser head
Add a diffuser head to your blow-dryer and don’t use a brush, which can make the cuticle lie flat and make hair look thinner.

4. The secret of Hair Filler Fibers
When searching for How To Give Thin Hair Volume, turn to hair thickening fibers.  Hair Filler Fibers will help add volume or cover thinning spots. Just tap fibers onto thinning hair and set the fibers with hairspray.

5. Skip the towel
When drying freshly washed hair, a regular cotton terry towel can cause breakage to fragile, wet hair. Instead, dry hair with a 100% cotton t-shirt.

6. Lift the roots
Finish your hairstyle by spraying a small amount of a volumizing hairspray directly at the roots of dry hair. Used sparingly this trick will add subtle lift and volume to hair.

7. Gently shampoo
Choose a lightweight Shampoo that gently cleanses without weighing hair down. When looking for how to get volume in thin hair, a good shampoo is key.

8. Choose a thickening serum
A good Thickening Serum For Women helps maintain a healthy scalp and volumizes each strand. Choose a serum with naturally thickening ingredients like grape seeds and pea sprouts, which experts tout as great hair thickeners for thin strands. Apply thickening serum twice daily to wet or dry hair.

9. Make the cut
Even if hair length is your goal, try a Haircut for thin, fine hair with face-framing layers that are not too close to the scalp or the ends. Layering hair will give it more bounce and movement, making thin hair look full and volumized.

10. Color me mine
In the quest for how to give thin hair volume, a good colorist is your secret weapon. Hair color can actually expand individual hair strands. Plus, a skilled colorist will add three-dimensional, multi-toned highlights that give hair the illusion of more volume.

How to add volume to thin hair from the outside of hair can be a challenge. But it can be done with the right tools, the right hair products for thin hair, and with skilled hairstylists who know the tricks of the trade. To grow thicker hair naturally, one of the best products is a proven Women’s Hair Growth Supplements. Hair growth supplements nourish thin hair and promote thicker, fuller, more volumized hair from within.

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