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The Viviscal™ Hair Growth Supplements Difference

Story behind thicker, fuller looking hair*
This is a Viviscal™ Hair Growth Supplements user and Church & Dwight employee.

For over 25 years, millions around the world have discovered the power of Viviscal™ Hair Growth Supplements to promote the hair they want.

Beginning in the early 1990's, clinical research with Viviscal hair growth supplements has shown a benefit from supplying key nutrients to hair follicles to support existing hair growth. *

In several clinical studies, Viviscal hair growth supplements have been proven to nourish thinning hair, promote existing hair growth, reduce hair shedding and increase hair thickness. *

Research Shows:

  • 32% increase in terminal (thicker) hairs at 3 months against baseline.
  • 39% reduction in shedding hairs at 3 months against baseline.

In studies, those who took Viviscal™ Hair Growth Supplements reported:

  • Increase in self-reported scalp coverage
  • Increase in self-reported hair strength
  • Increase in self-reported hair volume
  • Increase in self-reported hair thickness

Viviscal™ hair growth supplements provide a clinically proven solution for people suffering from fine or thinning hair to achieve thicker and fuller hair in 3-6 months. *

Research on Viviscal™ Man Supplements Formula

A 6-month study of men taking Viviscal™Man supplements found*:

  • An increase in terminal hair density
  • An increase in total hair count
  • An increase in total hair density