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About The Viviscal Brand

Proven to Grow

Here at the ViviscalTM brand, we get hair. But we also get what it’s like to lose it. For over 25 years, and with millions of boxes sold, we’ve helped people support existing hair growth to help build their confidence.* The story of the Viviscal brand begins by the sea. A Scandinavian researcher discovered that a key to full, healthy hair was in marine proteins found in Inuit diets. Researchers isolated nutrients from the Inuit diet and created one powerful pill. A pill that, when taken twice daily, nourishes thinning hair.* 

AminoMarTM collagen complex in Viviscal hair growth supplements is scientifically proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth.* Plus, Viviscal hair growth supplements contain other key vitamins and minerals that are important to hair health. All of this in a powerful, easy-to-take pill. Viviscal hair growth supplements get to the root of healthy hair with ingredients that help nourish hair to achieve fuller and thicker hair.* 

You Are Our Motivation

We understand how hard it is to lose your hair. Once you notice it’s happening, it’s impossible to unsee. You try new hairstyles to cover it up. You see strands in the drain or on the pillowcase and wonder if it’s getting worse. Or if it will ever stop. 

We believe hair is a part of what makes you, you. We’re here to offer hope. Hope in the form of a proven solution – the Viviscal brand. 

In addition to clinical research, the success stories you’ve shared are what move us. Seeing you reclaim the healthy, beautiful hair that’s been with you your whole life — through the ups and downs— it is why we’re here.*