Myth Debunked – Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

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Does wearing a hat cause hair loss? The not-so-simple answer is: yes and no. Here, we test if it’s truth or just a myth that wearing a Hat Causes Hair Loss in men and women.

The source of Healthy Hair Growth is inside the body. Hair growth, and conversely, Thinning Hair in men or women is affected by factors like Diet, stress, and the effects of Hormones or DHT (in men). That’s why we recommend you nourish follicles with a blend of Vitamins And Minerals, or a complete Hair Growth Supplement, to promote hair growth where it counts — inside the body. It’s also important to keep stress levels low. Try these stress relief tips.

Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair to Fall Out?

Even if your hair grows out of the follicle healthy, any damage to the outside of hair with heat styling tools, tight Braids and hairstyles, and yes, the friction of tight hats, could make even the healthiest hair become breakable and damaged. Hair loss due to the friction of a tight hairstyle or other outside damage is called traction alopecia. Wearing hats, like wearing tight buns and braids, can cause hair to break and thin over time.

Tight Hats and Hair Loss

The link between tight hats and hair loss is something to consider. Whether it’s a tight baseball cap in summer or a tight wool cap in winter, both men and women can find a link between tight hats and damaging hair. In addition, the scalp needs good circulation to bring nutrients to follicles via the bloodstream. If you wear a very tight hat continuously it could reduce Circulation To The Scalp, over time, it can contribute to hair loss.

Nourish Hair to Avoid Damage from Hats

To avoid this link between damaged or thinning hair and wearing hats, start your hair off right by keeping it as nourished as possible. Eat a Healthy Hair Diet or take a good hair growth supplement for men or women. Then, moisturize hair thoroughly with a good Conditioner to keep the outside of hair strands as strong and nourished as possible.

Choose the Right Hat

Choose a hat made of 100% natural fibers (such as cotton or wool) that is suitable for the season. A cotton cap allows the scalp to breathe in Summer and protects the scalp from sun damage. A warm wool hat will protect hair and scalp from dryness in the cold Winter.

Avoid Continuous Wear

Take a hat break when you’re inside, or when you don’t need the hat for protection from the sun or the cold. Avoid continuous wearing of a hat, which can lead to damaged hair, hair breakage or Split Ends.

Keep It Clean

Especially in summer, when sweat and oils from your scalp can collect on your hat, be sure to clean your hat regularly. Sebum, oils and dead skin cells can irritate the skin and scalp, which can cause Scalp Conditions, some of which could lead to hair loss.

So, does wearing a hat cause hair loss or is this just a myth? The truth is that although healthy hair growth starts from inside the body, outside Damage From Styling or from continuous wearing of a tight hat could cause hair thinning over time. It’s best to choose a hat that is not too tight, made of a good breathable material, keep it clean, and remove your hat when you don’t absolutely need it. Protect your hair from the outside, and nourish it on the inside, and your hair will look thicker and more amazing for longer.


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