Our Favorite Festival Hairstyle Ideas

three women with different festival hairstyles

Music festivals are about so much more than the music. Now that it’s the height of summer festival season, one of our favorite things is seeing all the creative festival hairstyles. Looking for a little inspiration either for your next festival or a summer party? Check out these easy-to-style music festival hairstyles.

5 Favorite Music Festival Hairstyles

1. Mohawk Braided Half-Up Topknot

We love this festival hairstyle for day two or three after shampooing because it’s an easy way to Hide Unwashed Roots!

Start by combing a small amount of Viviscal Hair Thickening Serum through hair. This will add body to your braid. Section off an area of hair at the top of your head, then twist into a French or Dutch Braid. Not exactly a braid expert? French braids have sections that lie on top of each other for a flat braid. Whereas with Dutch braids, the sections go underneath each other for a raised braid.

Secure the end of your braid with a hair elastic. Then, twist the braid up into a bun. So easy!

2. Double Dutch Braids

There’s a reason why double Dutch braids are known as “festival braids.” You can braid your hair into this easy hairstyle before leaving home and just leave the braids in for the rest of the festival. That way, you don’t have to worry about styling your hair for the remainder of your trip. They work for festival weekends or as an easy travel hairstyle for any vacation.

This festival hairstyle is also so easy to accessorize. Add braid rings, rhinestone hair clips, glitter hair roots (see below) or even add color with hair chalk to customize your look.

To create Dutch braids at home, start by parting the hair down the middle to create two sections of hair. Gently brush through each section to remove tangles.

Starting on the left side, create three small sections of hair near the hairline. Braid these sections together twice, crossing the sections underneath each other. Using your pinky finger, add a small amount of hair to the outside sections. Braid once, add more hair, then repeat.

When you reach your neck, braid the remaining hair into a traditional braid and fasten with a hair tie. Then repeat the process on the other side. When you’re finished, add a coat of hairspray to lock everything in place for the weekend and you’re all set!

3. Glitter Roots

Glitter is a staple for many festival hairstyles. But you don’t need a special glitter hairspray to get glitter roots! Add glitter to any festival hairstyle by mixing glitter with Viviscal Hair Thickening Serum and painting the mixture onto your roots using an old makeup brush or a paintbrush.

4. Add Flowers

Flower crowns are old news! Update your festival look by tucking silk or fresh flowers into your hairstyle for a soft, romantic look. Any flowers will do, but we especially love daisies, roses, and baby’s breath.

5. Bubble Pigtails

Bubble pigtails are the new space buns! This cute music festival hairstyle adds the finishing touch to any outfit.

Start by parting the hair down the middle and brushing to remove any tangles. Comb a small amount of Viviscal Hair Thickening Serum through hair to add extra body and thickness to your pigtails.

Using a hair elastic, create a low ponytail. Wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic and tuck it into the side to hide it. Add another hair elastic two to three inches below the first one. Using your fingers, gently pull apart the fastened hair to create the “bubble.” Then wrap a small piece of hair around that hair elastic.

Continue to move down the ponytail, repeating as many times a desired! Then, finish the look by misting with hairspray.

Do you have a favorite festival hairstyle this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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