How Often Should Men Cut Their Hair?

man getting a haircut at the barber

Are you ready for a new haircut? Fall is the perfect time to try one of the most popular men’s hairstyles of 2019. Not sure what’s on-trend these days? We’ve got you covered on that, plus we’ll help you determine how often you should cut your hair. 

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

How often you should cut your hair really depends on your style and your budget. While you may love the look and feel of a fresh cut, weekly visits to the barber can really do a number on your bank account.

However, the biggest factor to consider in how often you should cut your hair is your hair length. In general, men with short haircuts will want to visit the barber at least once a month to keep their hair looking neat and trimmed. Men with medium-length styles can usually go a little longer before they look like they need a trim, about every one to two months. And men with longer hairstyles usually can get away with going a few months between cuts.

However, if you have lifestyle factors like poor diet, smoking or high stress, your hair may be more prone to thinning or breakage. And this can prevent it from reaching longer lengths, and make it seem to grow more slowly. While slow-growing hair doesn’t need to be cut as often (a bonus for your wallet), it’s more likely to become thin since your follicles aren’t growing hair quickly enough to replace the hair that’s naturally been shed.

So how do you promote existing hair growth? Viviscal’s Hair Growth Supplements are scientifically formulated to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within. With two pills a day, you could see thicker hair results in as little as three months. It’s as simple as that.*

Best Men’s Hairstyles of 2019

Need some inspiration for your next haircut? Here are our favorite male haircuts of 2019.

The Flow

This men’s hairstyle works best for naturally wavy hair. This haircut can be shorter on the sides and in the back. Or if you prefer longer hair, ask your barber for a cut that falls somewhere between your chin and mid-neck with long layers starting at the ears. To style, rub a small amount of styling cream between your palms and push your damp hair back from your face.

Shorter version of the Flow

The High & Tight

This classic hairstyle is a recurring favorite that’s still very popular in 2019. We love it because it works for all hair textures and balances out the look of thinning hair by removing bulk at the sides. Ask your barber for faded sides with volume on top. Just keep in mind that this haircut requires bi-weekly trims to keep the hair on the sides short and neat.

High and tight

The Bowl Cut

Believe it or not, the modern update of this old school haircut is actually making a comeback in 2019 and we predict you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future. This time around, the bowl cut is subtler and shorter than the look you were rocking back in grade school. Ask your barber to fade your hair up from the neck with longer hair on top. The separation between the fade and longer hair should be clearly defined. To style, use styling clay or sea salt spray to add texture to your hair. Then pull hair forward so it falls over your face.

The modern bowl cut

The Twist Out Afro

For men with naturally curly hair, this 70’s-inspired hairstyle looks effortlessly cool while embracing your natural hair texture. Ask your barber for a classic, rounded Afro cut with a twist out.

You can also twist out your hair at home. Start with clean, damp hair and add a pomade or alcohol-free hair gel for hold. Divide hair into sections, then twist each section using your fingers, applying even tension as you go. Alternate the direction of the twist with each section.

Twist out Afro

What’s your favorite men’s hairstyle of 2019? Share it in the comments below.

Existing hair growth

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