Thinning Hair and Blow Drying

woman blow drying her hair

Hair dryers are a staple in almost every woman’s routine. They’re powerful, convenient, and the best way to speed up the drying process for a sleek look. Chances are you have as blow-dryer at home and use it almost everyday.

But as great as blow-dryers are, they can do some serious damage to your hair, leading to frizziness, Dryness, and even Split Ends.

But what’s most concerning about blow drying? Its effect on Hair Loss. It’s a scary thing to hear, but this post will show you exactly how to prevent hair dryer hair loss from happening.

Is Blow Drying Good For Hair?

It’s easy to assume that hair dryers cause hair loss because of high temperatures, but it’s not that simple. It’s the scalp that takes most of the damage.

Most people aren’t aware of it, but blow-dryers can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees.

This level of heat can quickly dry your scalp and remove the natural oils from strands. This makes it much easier for your hair to break or crack. What’s even worse is that this excessive heat can inflame your scalp and weaken your hair roots, leading to hair loss.

So does using a hair dryer cause hair loss? No, but it does make it easier for hair loss to occur.

However, the good news is you can stop this from happening with these simple tips.

How To Prevent Blow-Dryers From Damaging Your Hair

Although blow-dryers can damage your hair and scalp, there are a few easy steps you can take right now to prevent (or lessen) the effects of blow-drying hair damage:

1. Use a Cooler Setting

We already went over how extreme heat can lead to damage and hair loss. The easiest way to control the amount of heat that comes into contact with your hair is simply to use a cooler setting on your dryer. You can still get the job done with your blow-dryer set to medium or low.

2. Don’t Point the Blow-Dryer Directly at Your Roots

This is a very common mistake. Protect your roots and your scalp at all costs. Point your blow-dryer more towards the tips of your hair to protect the moisture your scalp. Your scalp’s natural oils will help your hair stay better hydrated throughout the day.

3. Don’t Dry One Spot for Too Long

This is one of the quickest ways to completely remove the moisture from your hair and scalp. Pointing the hair dryer at one spot for too long will accumulate too much heat for your hair to handle. This can lead to the burning of your hair and scalp…and it can even leave permanent damage and Scarring. Move your hair dryer around without concentrating in any one spot for too long. Do multiple passes over your hair, if needed.

4. Blow-Dry Less Often

If you can, try to use your blow-dryer less often. There’s no way to completely prevent damage from heat-styling tools, so whenever you can give them a break, do so.

Of course, this can be a lot to ask. If you’re someone that needs your blow-dryer to survive…

5. …Use Hair Heat-Protectant Products

Heat-protectant products are specifically designed to protect your hair from high-temperature styling tools like blow-dryers and curling irons. They come in either a cream or spray, and although they won’t prevent 100% of the damage, they can stop most of it. Just spread or spray the product evenly through your hair, and it will moisturize, while also protecting hair from the heat.

When using a blow-dryer, you always want to keep these tips in mind, especially if your hair is already thin. Blow-drying can surely speed up the process of hair loss. But if you pay careful attention, it’s easily avoidable.

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