How to Use Hair Concealer Powder

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Have you ever tried hair concealer powder? If you need to know how to cover bald spots naturally, hair fibers might just be your answer! These scalp concealers create the appearance of thicker and fuller hair, instantly transforming fine or thinning hair. It may sound too good to be true, but believe us, the results are real. Keep reading to learn more about hair fiber powder and how to apply hair fibers for thicker-looking hair. Plus, get a long-term solution for densifying thin and fine hair.

Hair Fiber Powder: A Quick Fix to Disguise Thinning Hair

Hair concealer powders like Toppik™ Hair Building Fibers are made of premium, naturally derived keratin, the same protein that makes up human hair. Toppik hair fibers have a natural electrostatic charge that helps them cling to even the smallest of hairs on your head. As a result, hair looks naturally thicker and fuller even though the fibers themselves are virtually undetectable. As Toppik says, “Everyone will notice, no one will know.” Plus, Toppik Hair Fibers come in nine versatile shades and work with all hair types, so they truly are a solution that works for just about everyone.

How to Cover a Bald Spot Naturally with Hair Fibers

You don’t need to be an experienced hairstylist to learn how to apply hair concealer powder. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have thicker-looking hair in no time!

Choosing the Right Hair Fiber Powder

Choosing the right hair loss powder doesn’t have to be complicated. Since hair building fibers disguise thinning hair at the roots, it’s more important to match the color to your root color rather than to your highlights or ends. This will create a more natural finish overall.

If your root color is in between shades, you can also mix two or more shades together for a flawless final look.

How to Apply Hair Fibers

Now that you’ve selected the right color for you, here’s how to apply hair fibers:

  1. Dry and style hair as usual. Then shake Toppik Hair Fibers onto thinning areas.
  2. With your fingertips, gently pat hair to disperse hair fibers. If desired, lightly comb, brush, or style hair after applying.
  3. For longer-lasting results and added shine, follow with Toppik FiberHold Spray.
  4. For more precise application (such as to add thickness to an updo or fill in along your part), use the Toppik Spray Applicator attachment.
  5. For natural-looking results along the hairline, use the Toppik Hairline Optimizer.

Before and After using Toppik Hair Fibers

How to Remove Hair Fiber Powder

Toppik Fibers resist wind, rain and perspiration for all-day results. But when you’re ready to remove the hair fiber powder from your hair, simply wash your hair with a gentle thickening shampoo such as Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo. Then follow with a lightweight moisturizing conditioner like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner.

A Long-Term Solution for Thinning Hair

A hair fiber powder can make a big difference to make thin hair look thicker or cover scalp show-through in the short term. But for long-term improvements in hair health and thickness, you have to nourish hair from within. Be sure that you supply your hair follicles with the Essential Vitamins and minerals they need to fuel the Hair Growth Cycle and deliver lasting improvements. By giving your body what it needs to promote existing growth, you will promote thicker, stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Hair growth results for Viviscal user Grace, Before (left) & After (right) taking Viviscal for 90 days

The best way to nourish hair from within? Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements. Viviscal is clinically proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth. The secret is its formulation of key hair-loving vitamins and minerals plus AminoMar™, a proprietary marine collagen complex developed in the 1980s based on studies of the fish- and protein-rich diet of the Inuit people. And it really works! In clinical studies, women saw a 32% increase in the number of terminal hairs, and a nearly 40% decrease in hair shedding, after just three months.+*

Using Toppik Hair Fibers and Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements together is the best way to ensure thicker-looking hair now and healthier-looking hair growth later.*

Do you have any questions about hair fiber powder and how to use scalp concealer for thinning hair? Let us know in the comments section below!

Existing hair growth
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