What Is a Butterfly Haircut?

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The butterfly haircut is the perfect low-maintenance, flattering cut to take into fall. It minimizes weight and creates maximum volume without sacrificing length. 

We’ll tell you all about the butterfly cut and if it’s a good choice for thin hair. We’ll also tell you how to style it depending on your hair length. 

What Is a Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly hairstyle is a feathered cut that can help give the illusion of shorter hair. It’s a layered style with a lot of body, almost mimicking fluttering butterfly wings. It combines long and short layers to create the illusion of volume. 

Your hairstylist will cut layers into two sections: short and long layers. The long layers should be underneath and reach past your shoulders. The short layers are on top to add volume. It should look like several layers that cascade down. 

Does the Butterfly Haircut work for Thin Hair?

The butterfly haircut is perfect for those with thin hair who want to add some volume. The butterfly cut is lightweight, feathery and makes the crown appear fuller. It also doesn’t sacrifice length due to the longer layers on the bottom. It won’t weigh your hair down and may even help reduce tangled hair since the layers are all different lengths. 

The butterfly haircut is flattering while waiting for healthy hair growth. You’ll want to invest in a good volume spray and hair oil to keep your crown full and mid-lengths moisturized. To aid your healthy hair growth, try Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements. They promote healthy hair growth from the inside for gorgeous hair on the outside.* 

Butterfly Haircut for Different Hair Lengths

Butterfly Haircut for Long Hair


The butterfly haircut adds texture and takes weight off long hair. Depending on how short you want, you can create layers with a ton of depth. If you want to keep your long locks, you don’t need to cut your hair too short. 

Butterfly Haircut for Medium-Length Hair

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The butterfly haircut is great for adding dimension to medium-length hair. The shorter layers help create face-framing details and give your hair a textured look. Try asking your stylist to cut the short layers to chin length and keep your longer lengths as long as possible.  

Butterfly Haircut for Short Hair

You won’t be able to get the large, dramatic layers from a butterfly cut with short hair. But, you can take advantage of the wispy, face-framing layers. Ask your stylist to create a few layers around the crown, or try butterfly bangs. 

What are Butterfly Bangs?

If you have short hair or want to try bangs, butterfly bangs are perfect for face-framing details. Think of butterfly bangs as very short layers. They are like curtain bangs but a bit longer, falling between your chin and cheekbones. Butterfly bangs are low maintenance, grow out well, and are great for those new to bangs. 

How to Style A Butterfly Cut

  • Hair Clips – If you want a simple but elegant way to style your butterfly cut, add some embellished hair clips. Try sweeping your short layers back on both sides and securing them with clips. Or, try double clips on one side. 

  • Half Up Ponytail – A half ponytail is a gentle way to keep your butterfly layers out of your face without a tight updo. This is a great style for those with long or medium-length hair. Grab your short layers, gently pull them back, and secure them either with an elastic, clip, or ribbon. 
  • Blowout – This is perfect for creating the fullest volume. Use a large round brush and a hair dryer on low heat, and curl your hair outward and upward. Finish with a volume or texturizing spray to hold the style

What do you think of the butterfly haircut? Are you ready to give it a try? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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