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Hair Growth Tips for Women

The best haircare routines promote healthy looking hair from the inside and out. Having a proper haircare regimen is key to achieving that beautiful, lush mane most women want. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time to have thicker hair. See our top at-home tips to help you get thick, healthy hair in no time!

If you’re looking for the best hair care tips for healthier looking, beautiful hair, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got tips for women who want to grow their hair fast, or want to keep their hair thick, strong, and healthy. Viviscal knows how to make women’s hair look good, and our website and blog features valuable hair care tips for women (and men!) and tips for hair regrowth, preservation, styling, and more! Discover the secrets behind the best hair care tips for women and learn about the most effective at-home treatment options. Get expert solutions now!
Hair Vitamins Comparison

Protein and Growing Hair

Protein and Treatments for Hair Growth

Find the best topical protein treatments to protect hair from breakage and give you strong, healthy-looking hair.

Dry Scalp Natural Hair

Stop dry, itchy scalp and maintain the ideal environment for hair growth.

Magnesium benefits for hair

Magnesium for Hair Growth

Magnesium has two important roles when it comes to hair growth. Know the link between magnesium deficiency and hair loss.

How Much Hair Loss is normal

Know how to identify the difference between normal and serious hair loss.

Natural Black Hair Growth Guide

How to grow long natural black hair with the best hair vitamins and hairstyles.

Growing natural black hair

Natural Black Hair Growth Guide

How to grow long natural black hair with the best hair vitamins and hairstyles.

Thinning Hair Treatments

Find the best hair growth products and thinning hair solutions for all hair types.

Hair Regrowth Program for Women

Compare regrowth treatments to find the best hair regrowth program for women.

Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

Learn how itchy, flaky scalp can cause hair loss and find the best treatments.

How Minoxidil Works for Women

Find how minoxidil works for women and know the risks of minoxidil.

Keratin and Hair Growth

Learn the facts and myths about keratin treatments and hair growth.

Moisture for Sensitive Hair and Scalp

Find the best scalp moisturizers for sensitive scalp and dry hair.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

Repair damaged hair in and out with expert tips for damaged hair repair.

Best Hair Growth Serum

Hair loss comes with aging. Find out how to strengthen brittle, aging hair.

Best Hair Conditioners: Guide for All Hair types

Hair building fibres are the natural solution to cover hair loss in men or women.

Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry Hair

Find the best cosmetic and natural hair loss solutions for thicker hair.

Hair Conditioner without Alcohol

Try the best haircuts, hairstyling products and shampoos to volumise fine hair.

Scalp Powder for Thinning Hair

What is really a scalp powder for thinning hair?

Guide to Women Thicker Hair

Wondering how to grow thicker hair strands?

Vitamins for Hair, Skin and Nails

What should women seeking out real solutions do for their hair, skin and nails?

Hair Volume Vitamins

Want to get luscious, voluminous hair? The secret for women.