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Best Hair Conditioners: Guide for All Hair Types

We come in all shapes and sizes, and we each have our own unique quirks. When trying to pick the best moisturizing conditioner for your hair type, it is certainly not a case of “one-size-fits-all”.

This guide has been created to help you choose the right moisturizing conditioner for growth and health. Simply identify your unique hair type from our list, and read our expert recommendation on how to keep your hair looking healthy, thick and voluminous.

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What hair type do you have?

Although everyone is slightly different, we can usually identify your hair type by asking a few questions. Your hair texture and color, and your ethnicity will likely influence your choice of product. However, different hair types are susceptible to a variety of problems, so it is important not to make assumptions without careful assessment.

This list highlights some of the most common hair characteristics. Our team of hair experts have identified four key factors to consider when defining your hair type. Explore each of the categories below, and discover how to choose the best moisturizing conditioner for your hair type.

  • Volume: Thick vs. Fine
  • Treatment: Natural vs. Relaxed
  • Color: Natural vs. Dyed
  • Texture: Curly vs. Straight

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Volume: Thick vs. Fine

While shampoo advertisements are filled with bouncing curls and luscious locks, some of us feel our hair lacks luster. Those with naturally thick hair are the lucky ones. There is no specific need for a specialist moisturizing conditioner for thick hair if hair volume is your goal. However, if your hair is dry and coarse as well as thick, you will benefit from a nourishing conditioner.

If your hair is shiny but thick, we recommend that you choose a lightweight conditioner, which does not encourage excess sebum production at the scalp. This helps to prevent thick hair from becoming greasy.

On the other hand, if your hair is thin and fine, you will want to choose a moisturizing conditioner for fine hair that contains some kind of fatty alcohol. Unlike the alcohol in your glass of champagne, fatty alcohols are made up of much heavier molecules. This means that they do not evaporate so easily, and actually help your hair to retain moisture.

Hair that is well-hydrated looks and feels healthier, so to get the most out of thin hair, try Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner. It contains cetearyl alcohol, and is free from mineral oil.

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Treatment: Natural vs. Relaxed

The relaxing treatment process is typically carried out on hair that is naturally curly. Those with relaxed hair have undergone a process of chemical treatment, which helps to make hair straight without regular styling or heat straightening.

There is no denying that the relaxing process causes damage to your hair. However, many people find their natural curls troublesome and irritating, which is why they make the commitment for this kind of treatment. Thus, if you have relaxed hair, it is essential to be extra kind to your hair.

Hair that has been treated can be more susceptible to dryness and brittle breakage. It is important that you do not over-style your hair, as this can worsen the problem. We recommend that you style your hair no more than once or twice per week, and use a gentle moisturizing conditioner when you wash.

The best moisturizing conditioner for relaxed hair is one that contains natural oils, which act as an effective slip to reduce friction when combing or styling your hair. Pair this with a densifying shampoo for the best results.

Color: Natural vs. Dyed

Artificial coloring, highlights, dying or bleaching are some of the most common types of chemical treatments. The best moisturizing conditioner for colored hair of all kinds is one which nourishes the damaged hair shafts and invigorates the scalp.

Choosing the right moisturizing conditioner for dyed hair is much the same as choosing the right moisturizing conditioner for treated hair of any kind. It is about identifying natural ingredients, an effective emollient, and a source of slip. All of these factors ensure that your moisturizing conditioner will help to create the best environment for a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth.

Texture: Curly vs. Straight

There are two main classifications of curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, you will retain your curls regardless of your choice of conditioner. Similarly, for those with naturally straight hair, a conditioner will not cause you to have curls.

Those with naturally curly hair may suffer more from a greasy build-up at the scalp with dry ends. This is because the sebum produced at your hair root gets stuck in your curls before it can reach the tips of your hair. This is especially true because people with naturally curly hair tend to shampoo less frequently than their straight-haired counterparts. Therefore, those with naturally curly hair should be sure to choose a moisturizing conditioner that helps hydrate hair between washings, and to clean the scalp more regularly with conditioner only (often called “co-washing”).

As we have previously highlighted, products containing fatty alcohols, such as cetearyl alcohol, help to trap moisture within the hair shaft. This can help water retention and make hair appear less dry.

In addition to choosing a product that hydrates, it is recommended that those with curly hair use a lightweight conditioner. Unlike their rich or creamy counterparts, lightweight conditioners offer deep conditioning, but do not weigh down hair excessively, or worsen an oily scalp.

For those searching for the right moisturizing conditioner for permed hair, the same rule applies but with one difference. It is recommended that you do not wash your permed hair with hot water. Rather, you should use warm water, as this will protect your style from being destroyed in the shower.

A word about nutrition…

While choosing the right moisturizing conditioner is important, it is essential to consider your hair health holistically. You are what you eat, and the health of our hair is reflected in the health of our bodies. Making sure that you supply your hair follicles with all of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins they need for healthy hair growth helps to give that extra healthy bounce. Read about Viviscal Extra Strength for more details on how easy it is to nourish your hair from within.

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