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Guide to Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins

Everyone likes to preen, beautify, look good. Women’s natural assets, such as our hair, skin and nails, are often our best accessories. If you’re in doubt, just think of how surprisingly empowering a good hair day can be! Given the great inspiration behind our female features, it is no wonder that most women are eager to find the best care regimens for their hair, skin, and nails. Of course, healthy cleaning habits, plus conditioners, creams, lotions, waxes, solutions, top coats, sprays, and other products have their uses, but may not get to the root (no pun intended) of growth issues. What should women seeking out real solutions do for their hair, skin and nails?

Nutrients for Healthy Hair

For many, the answer lies in basic biology. Hair and nails are protein fibers the body produces, while skin is a living, breathing organ. Therefore, like other parts of the body, they need the right mix of nutrients, and vitamins and minerals, to grow healthily. All three need the same well-rounded diet and care that the rest of your body does. However, for some women, diet alone is not enough. Many women suffer from natural protein, iron, and other vitamin deficiencies. Consequently, their bodies lack the materials necessary to build strong, healthy hair, nails, and skin. Symptoms of this inadequacy manifest as thin, brittle, coarse, easily broken or lost hair and nails, and in dry, uneven, or dull-looking skin. Thankfully, modern science has brought an easy solution: hair skin and nails vitamins.

Vitamins with key nutrients to help support healthy hair, skin and nails can be life-savers for women who can’t seem to get their hair, skin, or nails to the healthy state they want them to be. But is a vitamin good for hair or nails? Indeed, does it do anything at all? Supplements which make hair and nails grow faster often seem too good to be true. So do hair and nail vitamins really work?

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Do Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins Work?

Do vitamins for skin, hair and nails work for hair growth, or is it all hype? The simple, honest truth? Yes, vitamins and supplements are great options for women looking to address hair, skin or nail issues. In fact, doctors often recommend them. It’s actually easy to understand why vitamins with a formula to support beauty from within will help hair growth, nails and skin.

One of the most valuable vitamins is biotin to maintain healthy hair growth and nail growth. Biotin encourages the production of protein cells, paving the way for nail growth, and it promotes hair growth and promotes healthier skin by protecting against dryness and flaking. B vitamins are major ingredients in leading vitamins because they act as antioxidants, helping the skin remove bacteria and clear up acne. B vitamins also help reduce stress and calm down the adrenal glands, which are responsible for breakouts. Meanwhile, commonly used marine fatty acids such as omega-3 combat dryness, hair loss, a flaky scalp, and they add luster, elasticity and shine to matte hair strands. Other marine fats help protect and repair skin cells, effectively moisturizing skin from the inside. Now that’s what we call useful science!

Best Vitamins that Promote Hair and Nail Growth

Supplements for healthy skin and nails

Vitamins with nutrients to promote healthy hair, strong nails and skin really work, but not all vitamins are created equal. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know what to pick. What vitamins are good for hair and skin? What vitamins are good for hair and nail growth? No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product that won’t work as advertised.

So if you’re looking for vitamins for nails and hair, look no farther than Viviscal. Viviscal is the cutting-edge name in premium supplements. Our 25 years of continuous research and development have resulted in the creation of an extremely powerful and effective supplement: the Viviscal® Extra Strength hair growth supplement.

This supplement is the only hair supplement on the market that contains the exclusive AminoMar® marine complex. Blended with biotin, vitamin C, zinc, iron, niacin, horsetail plant extract, and millet seed extract, our growth supplement packs a powerful punch in two easy-to-take pills per day.

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