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Horsetail Extract for Hair

Horsetail extract as ingredient in hair products

The market is full of vitamins and supplements promising amazing hair improvements. Though some companies use cheap ingredients and exaggerations to promote placebo products, quality hair vitamins do work - and they can do wonders for your hair. Of course, some vitamins work better than others. What's the most valuable ingredient among the power players? It's an ancient herb known as "horsetail". No, this has nothing to do with the Derby - it is all vegetarian. This venerable plant, thought to have magical properties due to its extraordinary effectiveness, has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments. Since then, the anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants in horsetail for hair have proven to be extremely potent, making horsetail extract for hair a prized supplement today.

What Is Horsetail Plant Extract?

Horsetail extract is taken from the horsetail plant, also known as Equisetum arvense. Horsetails are a class in the fern family of plants, and they have existed since the Paleozoic Era, and in prehistoric times could reach up to 90 feet tall! The name “horsetail” arose because the branched plant resembles the tail and mane of a horse. Today, horsetail proponents accept the name happily, noting that the plant not only resembles a horse's tail but contains great hair benefits, so it is doubly aptly named. Horsetail extract derived from a plant is all-natural.

Horsetail has been used by healers and wise men throughout human history. Horsetail can be consumed in a variety of ways, and is used for many situations outside of horsetail extract for hair. Horsetail is used for fluid retention (edema), to dislodge and discourage kidney and bladder stones, ward off urinary tract infections, and promote general kidney and bladder health. It is also used to treat tuberculosis, joint diseases, osteoarthritis, weak bones (osteoporosis), gout, and even to treat frostbite! Applied directly to the skin, horsetail extract can soothe wounds and burns. Horsetail wasn’t just used for its medicinal properties: it was considered good eating by the Romans too! Even today, one can find the stems of young horse plants on menus in Japan. All-natural, and so good for you that you can even eat it for lunch, horsetail is truly is a miracle ingredient.

How Does Horsetail Extract for Hair Growth Work?

There is a reason many professionals recommend horsetail extract as a natural treatment for thinning hair. Horsetail extract is rich in minerals for hair, tying horsetail and hair growth together. Horsetail vitamins for hair growth’s principal ingredient is the mineral silica, or silicon, which strengthens hair strands, as well as nails and bones. The mineral silica found in a horsetail supplement for hair growth doesn’t just promote the structural integrity of the hair; it improves its sheen and texture also. Horsetail hair growth is made possible by another mineral contained in this astonishing natural remedy: selenium. Selenium helps your body process iodine, which regulates hair growth (a deficiency in selenium, for example, can lead to slow or stopped hair growth). Additionally, horsetail contains a treasure trove of other good stuff that contribute to its medicinal properties: potassium, aluminum salts, alkaloids, bitters, saponins, flavonoids, and aconitic acid.

How to Use Horsetail for Hair Growth

Taking a horsetail supplement for hair growth can be a great addition to your daily routine.

Want hair thick and healthy as a horsetail, too? A horsetail supplement for hair growth or hair improvement can be taken in multiple ways. The most common form is that of an orally taken pill or capsule which is swallowed a few times a day (depending on the dosage). This is a good method of taking horsetail for those who want an all-around positive change, or who prefer something simple and easy to take. The usual dosage is 300 mg of horsetail consumed three times daily

However, you can also take horsetail in the form of horsetail extract, which comes as a bottled oil. Those with thinning hair prefer horsetail extract for hair loss, as it brings nutrients directly to the source of hair loss (the scalp and hair follicles). This is also a popular option for those looking to treat itchy scalp, or those with burns or other scalp issues, as horsetail is an excellent herb for skin health.

Horsetail is also available as a dried herb which can be mashed into a tincture or press, or, more popularly, can be taken as an herbal tea. Infuse 2-3 teaspoons of the herb in hot water and let steep for 5-10 minutes. The tea should be taken daily.

However, one of the easiest and most multi-tasking ways to take horsetail extract for hair is as part of a complete hair growth supplement for women that not only has horsetail plant extract but also has key vitamins (Biotin, Vitamin C, Niacin) and minerals (Iron, Zinc) for hair growth.

Does Horsetail Have Any Side Effects?

Horsetail extracts and horsetail vitamins for hair growth are all-natural solutions to hair thinness and hair loss. Horsetail is excellent for overall hair and physical health, too. Does it have any side effects? In general, horsetail is extremely safe to use, but like all medicinal herbs, you shouldn’t take more than the recommended amounts.

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