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How to Fix and Style Fine Hair

If you have thin or fine hair with a lack of volume and texture, it can be difficult to know how to style it to minimize breakage and add volume. With the right styling tips, good shampoo and hair products for volume, and the proper haircut for fine hair, you can have a complete fine hair regimen for fuller, bouncier hair.

How to Style Fine Hair for Volume

The best haircut for fine hair adds layers around the face. This layered haircut gives fine hair movement and volume. You might also want to style hair with beachy waves, bouncy curls or a deep side part for thicker hair texture and volume for fine hair.

Complement your new hairstyle for fine hair with the right hair color. Add a few subtly lighter and subtly darker shades of highlights for a three-dimensional effect that adds the look of depth and thickness to fine hair.

To add instant volume to your finished style, tap microscopic hair filler fibers onto dry hair. Apply especially to thinning spots to cover and build thicker hair texture. Hair building fibers cling to individual hairs adding volume to fine hair in seconds. They are a good temporary hair loss solution that cover thinning and wash out easily with shampoo.

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The Best Shampoo for Fine Hair

Because of the hair texture of fine hair, fine hair can get oily and limp quickly. So regular or daily shampooing is good for fine hair. A good gentle shampoo for limp, fine hair removes debris, oil and sebum from hair and scalp, which can leave residue that weigh down fine hair. Shampoo for fine, limp hair should also have a gentle, botanical exfoliant to stimulate and energize the scalp. Having a healthy hair and scalp creates the ideal environment for hair growth, ensuring that fine hair grows as thick and healthy as possible.

Follow shampoo with a lightweight, gentle conditioner to be applied just to the ends, if desired. Though you may be tempted to avoid this step, post-shampoo conditioner is essential for fine hair texture because it seals in moisture and helps protect thin hair that is prone to breakage. Choose a lightweight conditioner that is free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS and SLES, but which has creatine to add volume to hair. And remember that post-shampooing, wet, fine hair is especially fragile. Dry gently with a towel or cotton t-shirt. If you must comb hair when wet, use a wide-toothed comb to minimize breakage.

The Best Volumizing Hair Products for Fine Hair

The best styling products for fine hair are silicone-free and lightweight. Women with fine hair should stay away from heavy or oily styling products, and minimize the use of straightening irons and keratin treatments. These straightening treatments not only flatten the hair cuticle, making hair look limp and oily, but the high heat can damage strands, making hair more prone to breakage and thinning.

Use texturizing mousses, sprays and volume shampoos for fine hair. Hairstylists especially recommend styling mousse for fine hair because it will not weigh down hair. Silicone-free volumizing hairspray is also a fine hair styling must-have. To add hold and volume to your finished style, lightly spritz the roots of hair with volumizing hairspray.

If you must use heat tools, choose a blow-dryer with a diffuser head to add maximum volume. Skip the brush when you blow-dry to minimize hair breakage and to keep the hair cuticles from flattening or becoming limp.

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