The Big Hair Clip Trend for Thin Hair

woman rocking a big hair clip

Big hair clips are back! But these are not the same large hair clips that you wore in elementary school. Today’s big hair clips are embellished with pearls and rhinestones, and are the perfect way to add some glitz and glam to your look. We also love big hair clips for thin hair. Why? Because these sparkling accessories draw attention to themselves and away from thin or fine hair. To learn more about the big hair clips trend and how to style them, keep reading!

Large Hair Clip Trends

Big Pearl Barrettes

Pearl barrettes are the most popular of the big hair clip trend, and for good reason. These barrettes are both modern and elegant, and work just as well for Date Night as they do for the office. To wear, clip one or two pearl barrettes into your hair between your ear and part.

Circle Hair Clips

Circle hair clips are more understated, so they’re a good place to start if you’re just looking to dip your toe into the big hair clip trend.

To style your hair in this sleek and simple half-up hairstyle, start by applying Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir to clean, damp hair. Allow hair to air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser. If your hair is naturally straight, apply a heat protectant, then twist small sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron. Separate two face-framing sections from the rest of your hair, then secure with a circle hair clip at the back of your head.

Acrylic Barrettes

If you’re looking for something a little funkier, try acrylic barrettes. These big hair clips are often sold in variety packs with different colors to match your style. However, tortoiseshell is the most popular color, probably because it’s both on-trend and office-appropriate!

Fringe Barrette

If you’re looking for something with more of a Bohemian flavor, try the fringe barrette. A jeweled version is great for dressier occasions, while a funky, pared-down version will be perfect for Summer Festivals and outdoor events.

Statement Hair Clips

Looking to make more of a statement with your hair? Try these big barrettes with Words Spelled Out in rhinestones.

Fruit Hair Clips

Hair clips with different kinds of food are also becoming very popular. Our favorite version of this trend is hair clips with rhinestone fruit.

Layered Hair Clips

Don’t want to choose between any of these styles of big hair clips? You don’t have to! Wearing one or more styles together looks cute and chic.

The Best Hair Accessory

Of course, the best accessory for your hair isn’t really an accessory at all – it’s healthy, shiny hair. Healthy, thick hair makes practically every hairstyle look better, including styles with big hair clips!

The best way to get thicker and healthier-looking hair? Viviscal! Viviscal is a clinically proven supplement for women and men to achieve thicker, fuller hair growth. The secret is the combination of AminoMar™ marine collagen complex plus Key Vitamins And Minerals that nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth. Take just two pills a day and you’ll be well on your way to fuller, healthier-looking hair in just 3-6 months.*

Existing hair growth

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